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Afortus Agent Portal

How to log into Portal


Agent Portal Log In -


On the user name and password page:

  • Enter user name (typically first initial last name) 

  • Enter password (typically first initial last name entered in all lower case) then click log in.


On the home page click the "Training" tab at top of the page



On the following page, click the green statement

Task to Complete After Orientation Meeting:

Account Info

  • Please make certain your info is accurate and complete

  • Change your password from the home page:  
    Home>Account Info (see screenshot on right for reference)

  • Note: Enter your cell number a second time in the place for the Voicemail number.

Sexual Harassment Training

  • Complete the Sexual Harassment Training to be in compliance with the portal:

    • On the Home page, watch for the prompt to pop up telling you to do the training and giving you a "click here" option.

    • **If your portal locks you out, it will prompt you to take the training - it only takes 3-5 minutes to complete. 


Where to Purchase E&O Insurance
Log into the FFG Agent portal and then click the "Get E&O Insurance" link on the left hand side of the screen. 
How to Access 12 Mastery Points and 1st Presentation Training Program
Log into Agent Portal, on the top click "Training". On the left hand side click "12 Mastery Steps". Watch the Intro, Full Presentation and all 12 Step Videos.
For specific instructions and how to view the video, go back to Memorization Training (under Training Tab in LDM site)
Business Cards are Available

Can be ordered from the "Gear" tab at the top of the homepage.

You can order business cards from your preferred source, but keep in mind that your professional title must be in compliance;
ie. Licensed Agent, Licensed Representative...
"Financial Planner" and others cannot be used unless you are Certified. Check with your manager for any questions.
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