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Voxer is a FREE mobile phone app for both Android and Apple. 

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect with your team.

Click for Getting Started Instructions

How do I use GoToWebinar?

Before you start using GoToWebinar, watch the following video tutorial.


Quickstart Guide Video Tutorial

The best way to send your 1st Presentation to your RM is with Dropbox.​


  1. Create a Dropbox account.

  2. Watch this video on sharing a Dropbox folder.

  3. Upload your 1st presentation file(s) to the folder that you've shared with your RM.

  • See Below for reference.

How do I setup a Facebook profile?

Having a Facebook profile will allow you to connect to the LDM & Associates Inc Facebook page - which has tons of photos from our client appreciation events. ​Use our event photos as a marketing tool for your clients.


Facebook profile setup - video tutorial.

How do I setupt a LinkedIn profile?

How do I forward promo emails to my prospects and clients?

Whenever we have a client appreciation event, I typically send out promo emails a couple weeks before the event. ​These emails are address to you and signed by me.


This video tutorial shows you how to reformat the email to be addressed to your client and signed by you.

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