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B-Lead Script

Hi is this (​client's name)?

This is (your name​) with Afortus Financial. How are you today? Great!


Well, first off I need to apologize. The reason I am calling (client’s name​) is my home office contacted me and said that the prize that was assigned to you is still on the books.


They have asked me to get it to you in order to get it off the books.


You probably remember it because you were guaranteed to receive a 3day 2night vacation package and some retirement information that someone was supposed to have dropped off.


Again, I apologize for the company that nobody followed up with getting you this information, but that’s my job, and I’m going to make sure it’s taken care of.


Also, Don't worry; there’s no catch on this - this is not a sales call and there’s nothing to buy. The company already paid for the advertising and marketing for this material, so I just want to make sure I get it off the books, and get it over to you.​


I have 10 am or 3 pm available tomorrow. What time works for you?

Great! And is the address we are going to meet at still (address​)?

Great! I will be at (repeat address​) tomorrow at (time​).

Ok, you are on my calendar, am I on yours?

Click here for the PDF of the script.

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