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Getting Started with Voxer

Please read the instructions all the way through before starting your voxer setup.


  1. Use your mobile phone to get to your App store.
              For Android phones, go to the "Google Play Store" app.

              For Apple phones, go to the "App Store" app.

  2. Search for "Voxer" in your Google Play Store/App store.

  3. Tap download/install

  4. Open voxer

Tap "Sign Up" 

Input your information

and tap "Sign Up"

Tap "OK"

Tap the "ME" tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

This Step is necessary so we can reach out to you and start communicating as soon as possible!

Add a picture of yourself (not required)

Tap the default profile picture thumbnail to upload a picture of yourself.

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