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LDM & Associates Inc.


At LDM, we strongly believe that financial security is determined more by desire and discipline, than by social or economic background. We help our clients understand money. Our company mission statement is: to help Americans become financially independent – Whatever their circumstances and needs are.

Key Questions

  • Is some or all your money at risk?

  • Are you concerned with market volatility?

  • Do you have enough money saved for retirement?

  • Who would fund your retirement?

  • Do you want your principal protected in an emergency?

         Why We're                  Special


LDM emphasizes a “Financial Needs Analysis” plan for success which enables families or individuals to start working toward their financial independence. This plan is based upon an established strategy which can assist people from all demographics.Unlike companies that promote “cookie cutter ” financial services. LDM's 7 Step Plan includes a variety of strategic options centered around a core strategy—making it easy to customize a plan, which if applied properly, can assist in meeting each and every individual financial situation.

Meet Our Team!

Lee Miles


Lee is the owner and founder of LDM & Associates. He has been in the business for over 15 years and has helped thousands of families achieve financial goals. He has a natural ability to work through the financial planning process to help clients reach their financial goal.



Peggy Miles


Peggy has been a key player in growing and maturing the LDM business and culture. As Lee Miles’ personal assistant, Peggy is very experienced in all aspects of the business. Previous to 2013, Peggy handled all the processing for multiple regions. She truly has a passion for service and seeing others (win). 

Sheri Usselman


Sheri is our team member processing for the life insurance segment of our business.  She has over 14 years of experience working with agents and the insurance carriers to assist in getting business in good order, approved, and in-force for our clients. 

Graybull Advisors

Key referral partner for investment and wealth management advice

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The Team

Courtney Burdick


Courtney assists with the agent side of business as well as the client side. She guides new agents though orientation and training, helps coordinate events, and assists with processing and submitting applications for clients. 

Brad Miles


With over 30 years of management background, Brad knows what is needed in the field for success and works to assist each agent in pursuit of their goals.

Keri Lee Robins


Kerilee has been a huge asset to the team as she has been handling our social media, CRM, and scheduling for many years.

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Judith Mercado 


Judith manages the day to day operations of the physical office. She takes and directs all phone calls, plans and executes client events, manages our client appreciation system, schedules client annual reviews, maintaining the appearance of our workplace and much more!

Kayla Miles


Kayla handles our bookkeeping. She also assists with client appreciation events. 

Dave Petersen

Vice President- Advanced Annuity Sales

Dave Petersen is the Senior Marketing Consultant for TruChoice Financial Group.  LDM has worked closely with Dave as we help our clients find safe and secure savings strategies. You can rely on him to find ideas, tactics or strategies that will not complicate your life.

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LDM Inc's Regions



Lee Miles


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North Carolina


JoAnn Bailey


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Mark Snyder


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Office:  2652 Spring Arbor Rd. Jackson, MI 49203


(517) 795-1093


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